Ganga Kinare at Har-Ki-Pauri

The holiest places for the Hindus have mostly been along the river Ganga and none holier than Haridwar – Hari Ka Dwar or  where the river emerges from the Himalayas, descending through white waters and starts its journey to the plains.



Har-ki-PauriThe Footstep of God, is where Vishnu is said to have dropped some divine nectar and left behind a footprint.


The best times to visit the ghat are early morning or just before dusk. pilgrims arrive here in droves to bathe in the fast-flowing Ganges



Every evening the river comes alive with flickering flames as floating offerings are released onto the Ganges. Hundreds of worshippers gather for the ganga aarti (river worship ceremony).



As the sun sets, the bells ring out a rhythm,  torches are lit, and leaf baskets with flower petals inside and a candle on top are lit and placed on the river to drift away downstream.



Tourists can mingle with the crowd to experience the rituals of an ancient religion that still retains its power in the modern age.
Someone may claim to be a priest and help you with your puja before asking for your shraddha or more. If you want to make a donation, it’s best to give to a uniformed collector.



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