The lake of nine corners – Naukuchiatal

Tranquil surroundings, twisting mountain roads winding through dense jungles, resorts laced with orchards and an enchanting lake to get you in trance, Naukichiatal or ‘lake of nine corners’ is a weekend getaway 315 kms from Delhi and only 6 hours drive by road via Moradabad. Naukuchital is a tranquil setting for those who find city life over-crowded, and prefer to stay in more unruffled surroundings. The place has many stay options but to make the most, stay at The Lake Resort for making the maximum of your weekend.


Naukuchiatal is situated amidst the Kumaon mountain range on an altitude of 1220 meters from the sea level and is a welcome break from the humdrum of its richer cousin, the Nainital  which is 26 kms away. The nearest rail head is Kathgodam and Pantnagar is the closest airport to fly in. It is the deepest of all the lakes in the Nainital region. The lake is fed by an underground perennial spring.


It is believed that this lake was created after hard worship (Hindi “tap”) of Brahmaji and a small temple dedicated to Brahmaji exist near the KMVN guesthouse. According to locals anyone performing a parikarma of the lake will be blessed by Brahmaji. A local popular belief runs that if you are able to see all the nine corners at one go with your feet on the ground, you achieve nirvana.



At Naukuchiatal, mornings are enchanting and evenings are charming, but there are other activities to keep you occupied through the day as well. Take a break from the usual stroll on the Mall roads of any hill station, go for a long walk through the jungle trails and get in love with the nature


Boating! That will be the best part about your trip to Naukuchiatal. Surrounded by tall mountains, enjoy magnificent views sitting in a colourful shikara. Of course, the boat ride steals the show but there are a lot of other activities you can do when you are here – kayaking, angling, swimming and horse riding. To get a bird’s eye view of the lake and the entire region, go hand- gliding.


Surrounded by hills covered in trees and shrubs, Naukuchiatal is a visual retreat – one can almost get lost in a trance while staring at the astonishing beauty of the nature here. Untouched, wild and yet pleasant, the terraced farmlands, the rolling valley, the mighty mountains with jets of water streaming down them – the beauty of it all makes your heart sing with joy!


Naukuchiatal is also famous for the ‘escape festival’ which happens once every year (in the month of may). The Lake Resort was told to hosts the  unique three-day  celebration of art and music . This creative retreat features bands, artists, writers, photographers, painters, graffiti artists, performance artists, tattoo artists and potters in a melange of talent and in the presence of a vibrant flea market.


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