When the sun goes down, Jodhpur sparkles

If you have watched the blue city in the day light, you must be amazed how beautiful Jodhpur looks; but you might be stunned to view the sparkling Jodhpur with all its glitter after sunset to get on to another side of splendid Jodhpur


The best place to get amazed with  the cityscape is the Mehrangarh Fort. Jodhpur is known as the Blue City and you realise why when you reach the the highest part the fort that you get to see rows upon rows of blue houses spread out in front of you – quite an eye catching sight.

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Apparently in the olden days Brahmins used to paint their homes blue to make them distinct from those of other castes, but later on everyone started doing this giving part of the town a lovely blue hangover.


Evening proves to be the best time to view the city from Mehrangarh Fort. The Sunset is spell binding and the sun going down throws open different hues in the skies. Get mesmerised as you get to see the sky gets painted in different hues of red, orange, yellow, blue, violet and more




As you can see the beautiful city in the day, have a wonderful sunset view from the same and then you can have a look over the city in nights. The city looks like a treasure chest with lots of necklaces and diamonds scattered all over it.




Spend an evening of barbecue and champagne under a sky glittering with a million sparkling stars at Chokelao Mahal – the restaurant at Mehrangarh Fort.


Not only is the food delicious, but the ambience will leave you awestruck – with soft Rajasthani music setting the mood and the lit up fort in the backdrop carrying you back into another age. The view is amazing and food sumptuous. Make sure you get your reservations done before you go.






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