After Dark, Jaisalmer Fort

Have you ever explored an Indian fort in night ? Unlike all other forts that remain open only during the sun lit hours and close down by evenings, Jaisalmer fort is different and perhaps the only fort where people can enter the fort at night and eat, shop, explore ! From the outside too, The fort looks especially magical when it is lit up at the night. Enjoy the views and get that itch to go there (again)..


Low light through the yellow sandstone alleys make it more romantic. The dimly lit corners and dark bending corners alleys adds to the suspense and thrills. For tourist the standard statutory advisory on cautions stays


At Jaisalmer, almost every hotel or ‘havelis’ would have a roof top restaurant from where you could dine with a view of the yellow sandstone walls of the fort lit up with yellow halogen lights. One can start seeing the darker shadows play hide and seek with the lights as the day winds up


so the next time you are in Jaisalmer don’t idle at the hotel room for the evening, take a walk inside the fort, dine the local cuisine, shop for local handicrafts or just watch the sun set over the old city and the whole place lit up as shimmering jewels in the desert.


Read more about Jaisalmer fort here > In search of Felu da in Sonar Kella – Jaisalmer Fort


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