Rise and Shine at Udaipur

Mornings are the best time to invade a sleeping city and shoot people and places. Wait a minute, thats not what I meant but yes what i did mean to tell was, for a photowalk in a new place, mornings have the best time to set out; when the light is soft, places are without the crowds and the air is pure to breathe sans traffic fumes.


The first day of the year, the new year eve’s party was winding up and there was choice to make – sleep over or embrace the new year sunrise. There was a lot written about the romance with the city so it was time to keep the oaths

Lake Pichola

Walk around the ghats or board the boat – marvel at the glimmering lake, the mountains and the city against the backdrop of a beautiful sunrise.

Taj Lake Palace

Along the way, see historical landmarks dotted along the shore such as the City Palace Complex and the picturesque ghats — steps leading down into the water that locals use for bathing.

City Palace, Udaipur

The best place to watch the sunrise or sunset is the Hanuman Ghat, next to Ambrai, no wonder the place is a prized spot for photographers who come back here for more.

Lake Pichola

Relish the view of Jag Niwas, now the Lake Palace Hotel. This 18th-century creation of Rana Jagat Singh II is said to have been constructed in response to his father’s statement that ‘if he wanted to stay in an island palace like Jagmandir Island Palace, he should build his own.’

Lake Palace, Udaipur

You’ll also catch a fantastic view of the distant Sajjangarh palace perched on the hills.

The Anchored boat on Lake Pichola

Winter morning, the Sun isn’t up, the water in the lake is freezing but you have men and women lining up the ghats for that early morning dip while the chant on their prayers, with a belief that their day will be blessed.

Hanuman Ghat, Udaipur

Cross over the small bridget and you pass the havelis (mansions) of nobles, the most prominent being the Bagore ki Haveli – three is flock of pigeons that take off that surprise you every few minutes with a loud flutter.

Bagore ki Haveli, Udaipur

On the far end of this structure, the Gangaur Ghat with its triple-arched Tripolia Gate stands as a magnificent piece of architecture. Stop for a cup of chai from the local tea seller.

Lal Ghat, Udaipur

The famous Lal Ghat, where you get the boats to go for a ride around the lake offering some fantastic views.

Udaipur waterfront

And there are washing sessions by women who find it the best time to catch up on gossip stories and a daily dose off reality show of life around them.

Ghats of Udaipur

The most splendid sights you’ll see are the small structures and grandiose palaces on Lake Pichola’s islands. each one more beautiful and with intriguing history to it.

Luxury on the waterfront

Time to seek divine blessing, the visit  to the famous Jagdish Temple is soul refreshing. The place is one of most famous temples of Hindu’s and the idol of Lord Vishnu in Black stone (in form of Jagannath) is considered as the local diety of the people of the Udaipur State.

Jagdish Temple Udaipur

Time to head back but not before some jalebis and hot milk for breakfast.


6 thoughts on “Rise and Shine at Udaipur

  1. Nice photographs!
    Is it pretty safe for a foreign tourist / photographer to walk around the ghats alone at 5am ? Do photographers ever get mugged ?
    Dwayne from Australia

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for appreciating, Dwayne. No place is safe or unsafe, as per my belief. one needs to be careful and not do anything stupid. Udaipur is a safe and tourist friendly city and you will have a good time. cheers !


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