Of Rekha and Tulips

A few decades back, the sight of Amitabh Bacchan and Rekha dancing to the hit song “Dekha ek Khwab” <saw a dream> in the superhit film “Silsila” <chain/link/connection>  drew the imagination of the masses.  The song lends more clout to the lyrics “dur tak nigahon mein hai gul khile huge” <flowers blooming, as far as the sights go> and that exactly was the line humming in my mind on my last summer visit to Europe.

so, If Rekha was ‘beauty’ personified, would it be ok to say – Tulips are the ‘Rekha’ of floral silsila ? Let me know with a comment below









and if you are missing Rekha, here she is..    🙂


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