Stay a little longer for the evening Aarti at Belur Math

The next time you are at Kolkata, make a trip down the Hooghly river to Belur Math, the headquarters of Swami Viveknand’s twin organization Ramkrishna Mission and Ramkrishna Math. And more so do visit for the evening Aarti so that you can stay a little longer and witness the grandeur of the Ramkrishna Temple at the campus

The place becomes magical once at dusk and when the sun goes down. Echoes of holy prayers, air full of spirituality and liveliness takes over the whole place.

The evening aarti is a prayer offered to Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa and mother Sarada Devi. The time for the Aarti is 5:30 PM, at which an evening bell is rung to indicate that visitors are not allowed to loiter on the Math grounds and are also not allowed to visit any temple other than Sri Ramakrishna temple where they can sit and meditate.

For photographers, the photo opportunities are amazing as you’re able to capture the temple with the colored sky behind. Photography inside the temple is strictly prohibited.



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